Congratulations on taking the first step to becoming a taxpayer representative! Before you start your trial membership take a moment to read this page and determine if the tax resolution industry is for you.

It is no secret that there is money to be made solving IRS Tax Problems ($3,000 - $5,000 per case on average). However when we speak to members there seems to be a couple other unanticipated benefits to this work that they greatly enjoy.

1. It feels great to help people!
Usually when a new prospect walks into your office for a consultation they aren’t a bad person. Something happened in their life that suddenly made paying taxes not a priority, and now they are being harassed by the IRS. There could be a wife that got dragged into her new husband’s tax problem. You may get a taxpayer that has just had serious medical issues and fell behind with the IRS. You will see many different cases as a taxpayer representative, and one thing is for sure, they will all be very grateful for your help relieving their stress and getting them back on track.


2. This is Challenging work.
You aren’t just plugging numbers into a software program and spitting out hundreds of tax returns anymore. You now have to conduct interviews, work with the Revenue Officers, and conduct planning for your client to get them the best deal possible. If that sounds a little overwhelming, don’t stress. That is where ASTPS comes in. Through our seminars, webinars, and consultations you will have all the support you need to start solving cases. The important thing to takeaway is that this work is exciting and by no means routine. If you are trying to escape the tax return grind, taxpayer representation could be for you.


3. Did we mention the high fees!
Most new taxpayer representatives don’t realize that you are paid a retainer prior to doing any work in representation cases! We hear it all the time, “They don’t have money to pay the IRS. How are they going to pay me?” That is a valid question and we don’t have a great answer. The only answer we have is that practitioners underestimate the amount of stress that taxpayers are under. When you present your fee they will beg, borrow, and well probably beg some more. The point is they will come up with the money to get their issue solved.

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