Academy Reviews

1. “I have been coming to these for awhile now with ASTPS and it’s always so good! I learn something new every time!” – Kyle Mennenga


2. “This is the most comprehensive program in this service niche. The instructors are experienced, professional, personable and approachable.” – Brian J. Brady


3. “As a CPA who has specialized in IRS Collections for most of my career, finding ASTPS has re-energized and re-enthused my practice.” – Laura R. Weiner


4. “Well-organized, concise, and the presenters related the curriculum to real cases they have experience with and how they approached these cases.” – Harrison Ulloa


5. “Program and speakers are the best in the business. Learn so much every time I attend an event. Program helps me and my firm grow in this area.” – Valeria Lubken


6. “Great speakers as always!


7. “The content was superb. Excellent for professional development!” –Tony Thompson


8. “You guys do a really wonderful job. I always enjoy your presentations.” – Jeff Augenstein


9. “Very helpful & informative!”


10. “Absolutely helpful”


11. “The information on CDP & CAP was super helpful and something I will use moving forward.” – Raqual Avila


12. “I enjoyed the program and real-life case examples. This was really helpful and informative.” – Erika Edwards


13. “I enjoyed it immensely. All the presentations were fantastic!”


14. “Great program! I always get a lot from hearing about the presenters’ actual cases and practice and how the info presented applies to real world practice.”


15. “Very informative, excellent ideas!”


16. “I thoroughly enjoyed the academy. This is my third time attending and I always get what I need.” – LaShonda M. Dennis


17. “Loved it! ASTPS always does a great job of presenting relevant material, that can be used to help advance individuals in the field of representation and strengthen the results of that individual’s practice.”


18. “The program was detailed and informative, materials were great.”


19. “You always provide me great information and great ideas to implement in my practices. Thanks a bunch!” – Gregory Nunn


20. “All of the speakers are very knowledgeable and have lots of experience.”


21. “I enjoyed the program and I thought the instructors were informative and entertaining. I especially like that ASTPS is focused on helping the attendees be successful.”


22. “Good program, excellent presenters—ton of information & guidance!”


23. “The academy was great. I’m very happy I came and look forward to implementing everything I’ve learned. I really liked how you took the time to do a review from what we learned in boot camp prior to starting the academy.”


24. “This was the best ASTPS conference I’ve attended, and I’ve attended 15. This is hands on and topics I use every day. Everybody that offers tax resolution services needs to take this course!” – Charles K. Monteceno


25. “As a new EA that has dedicated my studies to representation the last 1.5 years, this program is AMAZING! I’m a NTPI fellow, took the ASTPS bootcamp and the academy is the BEST! Keep up the good work I have no doubt the academy will be the premier education in representation training!” – Lisa Daughtry

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26. “Even as an experienced and seasoned practitioner, I still learn something new and helpful that I didn’t know at each conference. Thanks for the knowledge.” – David Ramirez


27. “Great ASTPS academy inauguration! All the instructors were great as usual! Great follow-up to the boot camp and of course love the war stories!” – William F. Deighan


28. “Excellent technical materials and presentation. Great update and new information. We always walk away with new ideas, approaches, and resolution techniques.” – Chris D. Churchwell


29. “I love the way the instructors intertwine the slides with case studies to help facilitate the learning process. Excellent materials with excellent instructors. A great experience.” – Peter J. Marchiano


30. “Great group of leaders–teamwork, transparency, passion, and enhancing others are remarkable.” – Nancy Somes


31. “I really like this organization; I always learn a lot. I am glad you provide monthly webinars, they are very helpful. I like the gung-ho in Brooks.” – Robbiette Stokes


32. “Thank you for such a wonderful program. Each time I come, my understanding and confidence grows. Looking forward to future webinars and programs.” – Gina Mann


33. “Extremely informative, as always. Just the right speed and a great building block (in addition to the boot camp) to my continued career in resolution. Even more competent and confident now! Thank you all!” – Marc Juergens