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We Train Rescue Squads for Troubled Taxpayers

Since the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers was founded 13 years ago we have trained thousands of tax professionals on how to represent troubled taxpayers before the IRS. In that same time we have over built a community of over 1000 members that have dedicated themselves to becoming tax resolution experts.

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Ready to Become a Tax Resolution Pro?

You may be familiar with the high, year round, fees associated with tax problem cases ($3,000 – $5,000 on average). However, in order to command these high fees you need to first learn a new skill.

Let’s be clear: Tax resolution is far from a “get rich quick scheme” in order to truly incorporate it into your business you will be required to invest both time and money.

The good news is that you could attend an ASTPS Technical Boot Camp, get a membership in ASTPS for support, and get a year subscription in one of the industry’s leading case software for less than what you could make on just one case!

So it all comes down to your ability and willingness to put in the time to develop the skills necessary to solve tax problem cases. We know that time is often a sole practitioners most valuable resource. That’s why we created the Bright Ideas Webinar Collection.

The Bright Ideas Collection is 5 of our most watched member-only educational webinars. These courses will help you get a feel for tax resolution and decide if it is a something you want to pursue further without making a big investment of time away from the office.

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1.  8 Mistakes Tax Practitioners Make When Negotiating with the IRS

By Steve Klitzner ESQ., CTRS

2.  Dealing with Revenue Officer Lucifer or Revenue Agent Beelzebub!

By Eric Green, ESQ.

3.  First Time Penalty Abatement Made Easy

By Roger Nemeth, EA, NTPI Fellow

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4.  Successfully Negotiating Offers In Compromise

By Robert McKenzie, ESQ., EA, CTRS

5.  Magical Tax Resolution Marketing

By Larry Lawler, CPA, EA, CTRS

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Online Access Only

Get immediate online access through the ASTPS website. You will be able to watch the videos anytime and download any handout material provided with each course.

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Get a Copy & Online Access

You will get immediate online access through the ASTPS website, and we will ship you a copy of the handout materials, all of the courses on an audio CD, and all of the videos and handouts on a USB Flashdrive.

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*This offer is for non-members only! Current members have access to these 5 courses and many more in the member-only webinar library.