If you are a tax resolution professional that is interested in further developing your representation skills then this event is for you.  At the 2017 Spring Conference you will have the rare opportunity to take-away the insights of the industry’s leading practitioners. There is no other event, conference, or seminar that compares with this opportunity to enhance your skills by interacting with the best of the best in tax problem resolution.

If you are new to tax resolution you should consider starting at our Tax Resolution Boot Camp before attending a Spring or Super Conference. This year we will be running a Boot Camp along side the Spring Conference in San Antonio and attendees of the Boot Camp will be able to come to the 3rd day of the Spring Conference for free!

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8:10 - 9:50 | Defense of IRS Penalty Assessments

Michael A. Villa, Jr., ESQ.
This presentation will discuss a variety of IRS penalties and the importance of knowing the different legal standards to contest them for your client.

10:10 - 11:00 | Types of IRS Specialized Agents and How to Deal with Them

Michael A. Villa, Jr., ESQ.
The IRS has numerous types of specialized civil agents, including those who focus on fraud and abusive transactions. This presentation will cover different specialized agents and how a practitioner might educate themselves on the nuances of working with individuals who are not the ordinary revenue agent.

11:00 - 11:50 | Defending the Professional-OPR Cases

Michael A. Villa, Jr., ESQ.
No tax professional wants to be in the cross-hairs of the Office of Professional Responsibility’s scope. However, if OPR turns its attention to you, this presentation will assist the professional in understanding issues to consider when responding to OPR and handling an OPR investigation.

1:20 - 3:05 | Revenue Officer Management for Better Client Resolutions

Jeffrey Long, EA
Jeff is a insanely aggressive advocate for his clients. He spent six years with the IRS as a desk auditor and field Revenue Officer. He hated almost every day at IRS, but his goal was to learn how IRS ticks, from the inside. Here’s your chance to benefit from his invested time.

In this session, you will learn how to go beyond what's available in the IRM, standard IRS policies and procedures, and judicial authority to consistently achieve favorable outcomes for your clients.
This presentation features behind-the-scenes view of IRS Collections. You'll learn:

  • How to get even the toughest, nastiest Revenue Officer on your side

  • How completing just one form can win significant, additional benefit for your client over 85% of the time

  • How to secure Offer-in-Compromise acceptance when there’s seemingly no way to do so under current IRS policies

  • How to persuade the RO to agree to manageable monthly payments for clients in tough, high-income/high net worth Installment Agreements even though Local and National Standards demand much larger monthly payments

  • How to avoid key mistakes practitioners make, with their clients, that make a typical case very difficult to win

3:25 - 5:05 | Getting the IRS to Think Again

John DiLucci, EA, CSA, CTRS
Practitioners often encounter situations where the tax liability determined by the IRS is greater than it should be. Unless you are filing an Offer in Compromise based on Doubt as to Collectibility, you have an obligation to your client to have the tax liability reduced to the correct amount.

Audit reconsideration, OIC DATL and Formal Claims are all tools you can use to request a reevaluation of how much a taxpayer owes. However, each one has advantages and disadvantages. The taxpayer’s circumstances dictate which alternative best suits a particular taxpayer. In this session, John will describe actual case scenarios and the reasoning behind the selection of one tool is superior versus another.

8:10 - 9:50 | Know Your Worth—and Demand It

John D. Niemann, CPA
Anyone who knows John understands that he is passionate about finding the right clients and charging the right fee. In many of his cases he earns up to $1,000 per hour. John believes many practitioners are leaving earning less than they are worth and he is coming to San Antonio to fix the problem. If he is correct in even a small way, it’s in your best interest to tune in. We all know that just a few tweaks can make good into great.

Here’s what you will learn in John’s presentation:

  • The only four ways to grow your business,

  • Four overlooked and un-measured profit drivers,

  • Why knowing your craft and doing the work is the critical first step in your marketing plan.

  • How to automate low-value work and spend your time earning the amount you deserve.

10:10 - 11:50 | Annual IRS Update

Robert E. McKenzie, ESQ., EA, CTRS
As usual, we have asked the “Godfather of Tax Resolution,” to provide his entertaining and insightful Annual Update on what’s happened and happening in the IRS from the seasoned practitioner’s point of view. This session has never failed to be an attendee favorite, this year will be no different. Bob will cover the changing IRS, the Taxpayer Advocate, enforcement, exam, appeals, collection, and Offer in Compromise updates. You can expect to hear of new cases Bob and others have represented and how they affect your practice.

1:20 - 3:05 | IRS Collection Process

Robert E. McKenzie, ESQ., EA, CTRS
What more could you want but a double dose of Bob? After the lunch break, Bob will take you through the IRS Collection Process covering a full list of topics everyone needs to be fully familiar with including: IRS Processing of Notices of Delinquent Taxes Due, IRS Liens, Seizure of Assets, Types of Levy Notices, Levy Exemptions, Seizure and Sale, Taxpayer Options, Collection Information Statements, Taxpayer Assistance Orders, and Offer in Compromise.

3:25 - 5:05 | Prevention of Tax Problem Repeats

Scott Dantuma, CIS, President, Your Profit Authority
Scott Dantuma is a best-selling author and cash flow expert. He is a founder of Your Profit Authority. As a skilled management consultant, Scott has turned-around thousands of closely-held businesses. He is coming to the ASTPS Spring Conference to add a new service to your practice.

We know that small businesses end up with tax problems when they experience inadequate cash flow. The IRS isn’t knocking at the door, so they become the easiest obligation to ignore – with a real thought to catch-up later when money is better. And later never comes, but eventually the tax man does. We are expert at resolving those tax issues, only to find the same taxpayer or business in trouble again later. Some try starting new entities to escape the IRS, which may compound the problem.

Scott will present a new service that you can offer, perhaps by partnering with his company, that will expand your opportunity to earn new fees from clients who already love you because you have solved their IRS problem.

8:10 - 11:50 | Crystal Ball Gazing with Caroline

Caroline Ciraolo, ESQ.
Former Acting Assistant Attorney General, Tax Division, U.S. Department of Justice

When was the last time you had the chance to gaze into the crystal ball housing the IRS playbook? Never, Right? Caroline Ciraolo is joining us in San Antonio fresh from DOJ. She has resigned her position with DOJ and is joining us in representing taxpayers before the IRS. You have a unique opportunity to learn the DOJ perspective on tax administration and enforcement. Here is a list of Coming Attractions Caroline will reveal to attendees at the ASTPS Spring Conference:
1. Coming Attractions in Audits
2. Coming Attractions in Investigations
3. Coming Attractions in Tax Controversy
4. Coming Attractions in Appeals
5. Coming Attractions in Collections
6. Coming Attractions In Criminal Investigation

1:20 - 3:05 | Listen Up! The Revenue Officers’ Boss Speaks.

Darren John Guillot
Director, IRS Field Collection Operations

If you deal with the IRS Collection Division and Revenue Officers you cannot afford to miss this session. This is your opportunity to meet Darren Guillot. Darren’s job title in the IRS is Director of IRS Field Collection Operations. This puts him in charge of all the Revenue Officers you deal with day-to-day in your practice. Darren will describe the IRS’s current budget, staffing issues, and what you can expect in field. He will disclose priority areas of focus for Revenue Officers on Collection Cases.

He will describe employment tax issues and the heightened potential for criminal referral, civil actions, Trust Fund Recovery Penalty assertion, suits for injunctive relief, and early interaction and alerts.

Finally, Darren will address impersonation concerns, private debt collection initiative, and the enforcement of passport revocation or denial. We have asked Darren to provide an opportunity for questions at the end of his presentation. You may never again have an opportunity like this, be there or be sorry!


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