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Dear Tax Resolution Pro,

On June 7th the top tax resolution experts in the country will be gathering in Atlanta, GA to further develop their tax resolution knowledge, grow their support networks, and to learn about the latest changes in tax resolution software.

There is no other event, conference, or seminar that compares with this opportunity to enhance your skills by interacting with the best of the best in tax problem resolution.

Every year the topics and speakers change allowing us to create a conference that covers the current challenges and opportunities of our industry.

Prior tax resolution experience or education is highly recommended before attending this conference. In our Boot Camp and Online Rescue Squad Course we cover everything you need to know to get started in tax resolution. In our Spring Conference we select a few different topics and go deep with them.

For example: At the Boot Camp you may talk about offers for 20 minutes over the 2-day event, but at the Spring Conference there could be a 2-3 hour session on the same topic.

If you are new to tax resolution you should consider starting at our Tax Resolution Boot Camp. This year we will be running a Boot Camp along side the Spring Conference in Atlanta and attendees of the Boot Camp will be able to come to the 3rd day of the Spring Conference for free!

Scroll down to learn more about this year’s event.

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Do you need to modify your registration or make a payment? Click the button below and have your confirmation number ready.

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Hilton Atlanta Downtown

225 Courtland Street NE Atlanta, GA 30303

Hotel Reservations

ASTPS has negotiated a discounted room rate of $159/night.

All room block reservations must be made by May 16th. Click here to book your room online or call (404) 659-2000

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Collection and Enforcement Update

Mary Beth Murphy (Commissioner of SB/SE) & Darren Guillot (Director of IRS Field Collection Operations)

As Commissioner of the IRS leading the Small Business / Self-Employed division (SB/SE), Mary Beth Murphy implements and enforces the laws, rules, and regulations we deal with daily. Her division, SB/SE is responsible for IRS’s enforced collection, examination, compliance, communications, and stakeholder outreach. She has agreed to provide an update on her division’s many current projects, areas of emphasis, objectives, and challenges. Best yet, Mary Beth will take questions and provide answers to the best of her ability. You will also have the opportunity to meet her and learn that she is a nice person and true professional. She is dedicated to doing her job well while facing budgetary and staff shortages.

This is also your opportunity to meet Darren Guillot. As Director of IRS Field Collection Operations, he is in charge of the Revenue Officers you deal with every day.

Darren will describe the IRS’s current budget, staffing issues, and what you can expect in field. He will discuss:

  • Priority areas of focus for R.O.s on Collection Cases.

  • Employment tax issues and the heightened potential for criminal referral,

  • Civil actions,

  • Trust Fund Recovery Penalty assertion,

  • Suits for injunctive relief, and early interaction and alerts,

  • Impersonation concerns, private debt collection initiative, and the enforcement of passport revocation or denial.

  • Q&A

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Answers Needed: Tax Research for Tax Problem Resolution Practitioners

Caroline Ciraolo, ESQ., (Former Acting Asst Attorney General of the U.S.  Tax Division)

Every Enrolled Agent, CPA, or attorney, on occasion, need to research an important tax problem issue for their client. You may need to examine the required procedures for filing a lien or levy when you believe the IRS has violated proper procedure. When you encounter threats from a rogue Revenue Officer, you need to research her rights to do what she is threatening. After Caroline’s presentation you will know how to approach the needed research. She will offer thoughtful insights on where to start and how to cite the rules to a revenue officer, an appeals officer, or in a tax court proceeding.

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BIO: Caroline D. Ciraolo, former Acting Assistant Attorney General of the U.S. Department of Justice’s Tax Division, is a partner with Kostelanetz & Fink and a founder of its Washington, D.C. office. During her tenure with the Department, Caroline was actively involved in all aspects of Tax Division operations and responsible for approximately 500 employees, including more than 360 attorneys in 14 civil, criminal and appellate sections. Under her leadership, the Division reached agreements with 80 Swiss financial institutions that admitted to facilitating tax evasion and the avoidance of reporting requirements by U.S. account holders, and imposed and collected more than $1.36 billion in penalties, increased civil and criminal enforcement with respect to offshore tax evasion, employment tax violations, and traditional tax offenses, assisted the IRS through summons enforcement proceedings, and engaged in affirmative and defensive litigation involving abusive tax shelters and schemes, refund claims, and challenges to statutes and regulations.

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Offers in Compromise & Innocent Spouse Relief: The Tough Ones and How to Resolve Them (2 Sessions)

Robert E. McKenzie, EA, ESQ.

In the OIC session, Bob McKenzie, the Godfather of Tax Problem Resolution, will present difficult Offer in Compromise case scenarios. The taxpayer may have equity in a home, pension accounts, or special needs for their income. Importantly, Bob will offer solutions he has employed in these difficult cases and discuss how he determines the appropriate offer program for each case.

In the Innocent Spouse session, Bob will present problems encountered in when seeking relief under the Innocent Spouse relief rules. Of course, he will offer approaches he has found to be workable – or not. Either way, you will have new insights to apply or to avoid when you seek relief for your clients.

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BIO: Mr. McKenzie has lectured extensively on the subject of taxation. He has presented courses before thousands of CPA’s, attorneys and enrolled agents nationwide. He has made numerous media appearances including Dateline NBC and The ABC Nightly News. Prior to entering private practice, Mr. McKenzie was employed by the Internal Revenue Service, Collection Division, in Chicago, Illinois. Since entering private practice, he has dedicated a major portion of his time to representation before the IRS.

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Conflicts of Interests: Representing Multiple Clients

Karen Hawkins, ESQ. (Former Director of the IRS OPR)

How many time have a husband and wife come to you for help with a tax problem? Can you represent both? It depends. How about ex-spouses seeking your help to end their pre-divorce tax woes? Can you represent both? How about the owners of a business that owes employment taxes? Can you represent the company and the owners? Can you represent multiple owners? Sticky questions, but the type you encounter regularly. Is there a difference in serial versus parallel representation of these potential clients? After Karen finishes her presentation, you will possess new insights into the pitfalls to avoid to protect your authority to represent clients before the IRS, and how to defend against lawsuits alleging conflicts.

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BIO: Karen Hawkins, ESQ. is the former Director of the IRS Office of Professional Responsibility. She was formerly in private practice as a Member of Taggart & Hawkins, P.C., and brings 30 years of private practice experience to her presentations. Ms. Hawkins is a past Chair of the Taxation Section of the State Bar of California, a past chair of the ABA Taxation Section Subcommittee on Civil Penalties, and the ABA Taxation Section IRS Liaison Meetings Committee. She served as a Director on the Council of the ABA Taxation Section, as the Section’s Vice-Chair Professional Services and as Chair-elect before resigning her position to accept Commissioner Shulman’s offer to join the IRS. She is also a Fellow of the American College of Tax Counsel.

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Practice before the US Tax Court – is it for You?

Sherrill Trovato,  MBA, MST, EA, USTCP

After this session you will understand the basics of taxpayer representation through the US Tax Court and know whether the USTCP designation is a goal you want to pursue. Even though Sherrill teaches the most successful course for becoming USTCP qualified, she is well aware that it is not for everyone. She will discuss Tax Court jurisdiction, primarily for examination and collection cases, and explore the arguments for and against becoming a USTCP. Sherrill will provide exam insights, the time you can expect to invest, and the cost for a training course if you decide to commit to becoming a USTCP.

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BIO: SHERRILL L.TROVATO, MBA, MST, EA, USTCP holds degrees in BA, Accounting, MBA (Finance), and Master of Science (Taxation). She is an enrolled agent with 25 years’ experience, a Fellow of the National Tax Practice Institute, and was admitted to practice before the US Tax Court in 2001. Her Fountain Valley, CA firm focuses on individual and small business needs including tax preparation and controversy representation. She has been a regular NTPI instructor since 2002, frequently speaks at various organizations, and has authored several tax and financial articles for professional journals. Sherrill developed and began teaching Preparing to Practice before the US Tax Court after passing the exam on her first attempt; nearly 80% of those passing the exam since 2002 have been her students or used her materials.

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Revenue Officer Management – Believe the Unbelievable

Jeffrey Long, EA

Jeffrey Long, former Revenue Officer, will present the realities of IRS’ reduced manpower and restricted budgets that are creating new opportunities for very favorable case outcomes for our clients. In this session, you will learn how the IRS’ ability to work fewer cases less thoroughly than in past years can help you achieve previously unobtainable, favorable outcomes for your clients.
This presentation features insider information and real-world case studies. You’ll learn:

  • Why the Form 911 is still your best friend in many cases,

  • Why PPIA is the new OIC,

  • How to win CNC closures on cases with taxpayer assets that exceed the tax balance due,

  • Why in-business CNCs are a new reality,

  • How to defeat the pro-rata State Department of Revenue IA allowance dilemma, and

  • How to defeat one-size-fits-all allowable standards in OICs, IAs and CNCs

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BIO: Jeffrey Long, EA has enjoyed a very unique career path–he has over 3.500 flight hours flying through 66 hurricanes as an airborne meteorologist with the US Air Force Hurricane Hunters. His crew was in the eye of 1992’s Hurricane Andrew when it made a devastating landfall south of Miami, FL. For five years, he made his living playing professional, high-limit blackjack. He’s also owned a small mortgage bank. In 2001, he entered the Internal Revenue Service as a Small Business/Self-Employed auditor in Phoenix, AZ. In 2003, he cross-trained to become a Revenue Officer. He left the IRS in the Spring of 2007 and began to apply what he had learned as an auditor and tax collector in private practice. Jeff’s firm specializes in complex IRS tax resolution, routinely consulting to tax attorneys, CPAs, Enrolled Agents and select retail clients. His specialty is defeating the IRS’ Notice of Federal Tax Lien. He’s an expert at dissecting complex systems and identifying challenges and opportunities posed by those systems. Jeff lives in the San Diego area and is an avid cyclist and racquetball player.

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You’ve Been Breached, Now What?

Claudia Hill, EA, MBA 

This is a must-know topic that you do not want to think about, hear about, or even consider the possibility thereof. But, you better because tax practitioners have become a new favorite of the identity theft criminal. Your client and tax return databases contain social security numbers of taxpayers and their dependents, their earnings and employers, and everything an identity thief could ask for. On top of that you may be low-hanging fruit when it comes to security. Are you familiar with your requirements if or when you are breached? Are you prepared to notify all clients of the breach? Can you easily provide your clients’ social security numbers and their dependents social security numbers to the IRS? You must know the critical information in this session. Take notes and go home and implement the needed security.

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BIO: Claudia Hill, EA, MBA is a nationally recognized tax professional and frequent lecturer on taxation of individuals, tax planning, and representation before IRS. She is editor-in-chief of the Wolters Kluwer (formerly CCH) Journal of Tax Practice and Procedure, co-author of CCH’s Expert Treatise Tax Practice & Procedure and a frequent presenter at association and industry seminars including the IRS Nationwide Tax Forums, AICPA Engage, NAEA National Tax Practice Institute, Spidell Seminars, numerous university sponsored tax controversy programs and (formerly) CCH Online Seminars. Hill has testified before both the Senate Finance Committee and House Ways and Means Committee. She is often called upon by the media for comments about tax issues. She is an NAEA National Tax Practice Institute Fellow™ and a multi-level instructor of NTPI®. Claudia is an associate member of the American Bar Association. In 2011 Claudia was selected as one of the Top Ten People in Tax by Tax Analysts of Arlington, VA. Owner and principal of Tax Mam, Inc. and TMI Tax Services Group, Inc., she maintains an active tax planning, preparation and representation practice in Cupertino, CA.

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Remedies to Prevent a Data Breach in Your Practice

David Wolf (Computer Security Expert)

Hardware firewall, software firewall, password protection, double authentication, system redundancy, malware, pfishing, encryption, all part of our computerized and internet dependent brave new world. First, Claudia made you aware of some of the pain and suffering a breach wreaks on you, your practice, and your clients. Now, computer security expert Dave Wolf will educate you on steps to take to secure your system. He will recommend preventative and remedial breach actions for you to consider. You are in charge of the hen house of data and the foxes are becoming more numerous and more aggressive.

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BIO: David Wolf is a technology visionary and serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in the IT industry. David attended the Rochester Institute of Technology and has a Master of Science from Roberts Wesleyan College. He enjoys using his technical expertise to help fellow small business owners get the most out of their IT. His previous experience includes positions as co-founder and President at Vivatron Corporation and a Senior Systems Analyst at Unisys, making him both the business and technology expert our loyal clients rely on. Away from the office, David’s hobbies include scouting, photography and skiing. He also enjoys volunteering his time with Kiwanis International as the Finger Lakes Division Treasurer and Temple Sinai.

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We are so sure that you will be 100% satisfied with our program that we are willing to give you a FULL REFUND if you are not! At the end of the first day, simply turn in your materials and we will refund your entire registration fee.

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Regular Price: $1,097 – The Early Bird $100 discount displayed below ends May 24th

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[plan extra_height=”no” name=”Non Member” link=”” linkname=”Register Now” price=”$997.00″ color=”#3a3f61″ features=”2nd Attendee $897
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6th Attendee FREE”][vc_empty_space height=”16px”]
[plan extra_height=”no” name=”Bronze Member” link=”” linkname=”Register Now” price=”$947.15″ color=”#3a3f61″ features=”2nd Attendee $852.15
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6th Attendee FREE”]
[plan extra_height=”no” name=”Silver Member” link=”” linkname=”Register Now” price=”$897.30″ color=”#3a3f61″ features=”2nd Attendee $807.30
3rd Attendee $717.30
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6th Attendee FREE”]
[plan extra_height=”no” name=”Gold Member” link=”” linkname=”Register Now” price=”$847.45″ color=”#3a3f61″ features=”2nd Attendee $762.45
3rd Attendee $677.45
4th Attendee $592.45
5th Attendee $592.45
6th Attendee FREE”]

To Register Multiple Attendees Please Call (716) 630-1650

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Are you a Tax Help Software User? If you are you need to be at the first ever THS User Conference Sunday, June 10th just after the ASTPS Spring Conference!

THS users range from large tax resolution firms to sole practitioners working out of their homes, and they all have one thing in common. They want to run their businesses as efficiently, and profitably, as possible.

We created this 1-day event to showcase THS best practices and give attendees tips and tricks to maximize the efficiency of their tax resolution firms and take better care of their clients.

When you leave this event you will know not only how to read THS Reports like a pro, but you will also know how to use the “Big Data” in IRS Transcripts to generate more revenue from existing clients

The event will be primarily taught by THS founder and Transcript expert Roger Nemeth, EA. Roger invented the Transcript Report Process that has downloaded over 250 million transcripts to date and is a frequent speaker for the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers.

The 1-Day event will be worth 6 hours of continuing education. See the full event schedule below.

  • 7:00 am – 8:00 am Registration

    • Registration and continental breakfast and coffee.

  • 8:00 am – 11:50 pm Revenue Generation From IRS Transcripts Using Big Data Analysis (4 hours CE/CPE)

    • Introduction to software.

    • Organizing your clients to maximize revenue and efficiency.

    • How to complete 8821/2848’s properly on all of your clients.

    • Best strategy for requesting transcripts for both new and existing tax and resolution clients.

    • How to read THS Tax Reports & interpret transcripts like a pro for both tax prep and tax resolution clients.

    • Learn how to detect audits & CP2000’s months in advance.

  • 11:50 am – 1:00 pm Lunch

    • Lunch on your own.

  • 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm Tax Resolution Efficiency For You And Your Staff (2 hours CE/CPE)

    • Learn how to do the fastest, most accurate collections forms to improve your bottom line. From beginners to the most advanced tax resolution professionals. Learn how to optimize your practices data entry from your clients like a pro.

  • 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm Open Q&A For Roger, Fred & Laura (Optional No CE/CPE)

    • The THS Staff will open the floor to your questions as well as sharing best practices.

Registration for this event is just $99 for attendees of the Spring Conference.

You can purchase tickets to the event through THS by clicking here or you can add them to your Spring Conference Registration when checking out.