Taxing Times Newsletter

Stay top-of-mind by sending the Taxing Times newsletter to you contacts, clients, referral sources, and prospects. Successful marketers agree that newsletters are an effective marketing tool with exceptional ROI. Our newsletter contains stories of troubled taxpayers, some famous, some not, but all are interesting.

ASTPS provides the article content and design with your firm’s information.

Each month, a print-ready PDF file with the updated articles is emailed to the client. Clients are responsible for the printing and mailing.

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Front Office DVD

This DVD was created for your firm’s front office waiting area (where you already have an audience). Clients can watch and easily understand how their complicated tax problems can be resolved (by coming to you for help). Play it on a loop so it acts as a continuous commercial for your services. (This product is included in the Gold Level Membership)

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Solve Your Tax Problem, Now!

“Solve Your Tax Problem, Now!” is a helpful resource for taxpayers to learn about the programs available to solve their IRS problems. This plain-English description makes what is often like reading a foreign language, understandable and easy to relate to their own situation. Included are insights about how tax to help taxpayers in trouble (that would be you). This book is a great lead generation magnet and instantly makes you appear as an expert. You provide an "about the author" section, and we do everything else!

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