Which Tax Resolution Course is Right for You?

AT ASTPS we’re obsessed with providing & creating tools, training programs, and support solutions to help tax professionals thrive in the IRS representation industry.

If you’ve already decided tax resolution is the right career path for you then it’s time to select a training program and get started! The American Society of Tax Problem Solvers has been running live tax resolution training programs since the dawn of the industry over 17 years ago, and has courses for every skill level.

In selecting a course it is important to conduct an honest self-assessment of your skills and knowledge. The reality is if you don’t have a solid grasp on the basic processes and procedures it doesn’t make sense to move on to the next level and go deeper on the fundamentals that you don’t fully understand. That‘s like building a house on a broken foundation.

Before we get to the quick test let’s talk about professionals that are brand new and have never represented a taxpayer before. We’ll save you some time – the Tax Resolution Boot Camp is where you need to start so click here to go learn more about it.

Now if you’ve represented a client or two and maybe had a little training from another program prior to coming to ASTPS here is a quick assessment to go through. Remember answer honestly!

Do you clearly understand the different duties of IRS personnel you will be dealing with? For example: Do you know the differences between RO vs RA? Do you know what you can handle by calling PPS? Do you know the difference between an Offer Examiner and an Offer Specialist?

Are you comfortable evaluating a taxpayer’s situation and confident you can reach the best solution for your client? For example: Do you feel you can confidently prepare an acceptable (to the IRS) Offer in Compromise or set up and get approval of a workable installment agreement?

Do you clearly understand how to bring a client through the planning process to help get them to qualify for different IRS programs? For example: Are you able to guide a client through the legitimate steps to lower their RCP and qualify for an OIC?

How’d you do?

Remember be honest with yourself! If you didn’t know what some of the acronyms were or if you don’t feel comfortable with the planning process or IRS programs it’s probably a good idea to head to (or back to) the Boot Camp.

At the ASTPS Tax Resolution Boot Camp you’ll learn everything you need to know to get started representing taxpayers before the IRS. You learn about all the settlement programs, all the different IRS Personnel, planning strategies, and much more!

At the Boot Camp a little experience goes a long way! If you’ve already worked on a case or two without any formal train