Virtual Boot Camp

Tuesday, Dec 8th – Friday, Dec 11th

Join us at our Virtual Tax Resolution Boot Camp!

COVID 19 threw a wrench into our 2020 Boot Camp Schedule, so we got really good at running our Boot Camp Virtually! 2021 looks like it might be more of the same so don’t put off attending the Boot Camp this year!

This is not just another webinar

We refuse to compromise on the quality of our program and staring at slides on a screen all day with no interaction would certainly not make for a great experience.

We have an entire team dedicated to this event! Including a dedicated question coordinator, 2 Tax Resolution Experts in the background answering all your questions during the sessions, dedicated event coordinator, and two customer service reps available to help with any issues that might come up.

Bottom line – We take this seriously! Our entire office shuts down when we run this program and all of our energy is put towards creating an unforgettable experience for our attendees!

A lot of people are hesitant to attend a virtual seminar because they think it is like every other boring webinar they’ve attended. Our Boot Camps are highly interactive and you get a front row seat to our instructors! Take a look at the video above and expand it to full screen so you can get an idea of what it’s like to be in the class!

Multiple Instructors on Video

We’ll be using the Zoom webinar platform and all of the instructors will be on video while presenting. This helps to make such a long online event just that much easier to watch.

In addition have multiple instructors interacting and have conversations will make for a much more enjoyable event for our attendees.

Testimonials From Previous Virtual Boot Camp Attendees

“I have spent years “eyeing” the ASTPS Boot Camp but never had the opportunity/time to attend one of the live courses. As soon as I found out that they were offering the event virtually I jumped on it and sign-up. I was impressed not only by the expert knowledge of the instructors (which were taught by EAs, a CPA and an attorney) but by how considerate they were to the attendees, they did their best to answer EVERY question. I have worked in the tax resolution industry in support roles so I came into the event having very basic knowledge but after the boot camp I feel as though I can represent a case on my own. I will seriously consider attending another event in the future.” Lalnunmawii C.

“The Virtual Boot Camp was very informative & convenient. The speakers were awesome. I believe I am able to comfortably move forth with growing my tax resolution business based on the knowledge learned.” – Kim S.

“Awesome 2.5 days! The energy, effort and knowledge was top notch! This virtual platform with the ability to see the presenters was great…the only thing missing was the in person ability to see everyone in a group setting. Absolutely loved the way the presenters could still interject with sharing information on topics. Would love to take the Advanced Boot Camp in the same format.” – Krystal A.

“This live event was one of the best I have attended throughout my 40 year career. The information was great and spot on. The questions were fielded quickly and answered with great care. It was a lot of information in a short period of time but great overall. I strongly urge anyone wanting to learn tax resolution to attend this event and the many others this organizations offers.” – Chris M.

“The ASTPS Virtual Boot Camp was outstanding! I had wanted to attend for the past few years but the cost of travel and the time off to attend was prohibitive. The ASTPS Virtual Boot Camp allowed me to attend from my home office. The effectiveness of the presentations were outstanding and helped me to obtain the review and information to launch my own tax problem solution business. I am looking forward to future ASTPS virtual seminars.” – Richard M

“I loved this boot camp. I learned so much that I now have a lot more confidence in building up my tax resolution practice. ASTPS did a great job with it as their first virtual Boot Camp, though now I am even more excited to attend one in person to further enhance my skills!! Thank you ASTPS.” – Maurie W.

“This is the single best comprehensive tax resolution course on the planet. You will go from square one to ready to represent by the end of the Boot Camp.” – Matthew J.

“Not boring, fast paced, with entertaining speakers!” – Amber J.

“The training was excellent. The speakers were all very relaxed, informative, interesting, and entertaining. I really enjoyed it. It was sooo easy to access and watch.” – Melanie C.

“This was the absolute best course that I have taken regarding tax resolution. The speakers were very engaging and were able to keep a person’s attention even virtually!” – Angela C.


Online Boot Camp #5

December 8-11

Class times:
11am-6pm Eastern
10am-5pm Central
9am-4pm Mountain
8am-3pm Pacific

Connection Test December 7th at 2:00pm Eastern

Multiple attendee discounts available- Call for more information



Regular Price: $1,097 – The Early Bird pricing displayed below ends September 30th.


$ 997.00

First Attendee

2nd Attendee $897.00
3rd Attendee $797.00
4th Attendee $697.00
5th Attendee $697.00
6th Attendee FREE


$ 947.15

First Attendee

2nd Attendee $852.15
3rd Attendee $757.15
4th Attendee $662.15
5th Attendee $662.15
6th Attendee FREE


$ 847.45

First Attendee

2nd Attendee $762.45
3rd Attendee $677.45
4th Attendee $592.45
5th Attendee $592.45
6th Attendee FREE

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