Bronze Membership

Opt for this level and you may upgrade to a higher level at any time.

Here is what you will receive with the Bronze Membership:

Use the ASTPS logos in marketing and instantly increase your credibility.

Two Copies of Membership Certificates
One certificate for your lobby and one for your office.

Access to Webinar Library
You’ll be able to watch webinars shortly after they occur live as well as re-watch the 25+ courses in the Webinar Library. These sessions are not eligible for CPE.

Company Referral Listing
When troubled taxpayers contact ASTPS for help we refer all cases to members in their area. All members are listed on the website in their respective states.

Access to Private Member Forum
All members have access to our member forum on LinkedIn where they can post questions and get help from other members.

Monthly Newsletter
Every month ASTPS distributes a monthly newsletter with articles and stories to help you do your job better.

Eligible for CTRS Designation
Enrolling in this membership will partially fulfill the requirements to take the CTRS examination.

Discounts on Software
ASTPS has negotiated discounts for nearly all of the products you need to run your practice efficiently.

Access to Phone Support
Do you have a tough case? Included in this membership is access to phone support at the rate of $100 per twenty minutes. If this is something you anticipate taking advantage of you may want to consider upgrading to a higher membership which includes consult time.

5% Discount on ASTPS Products and Seminars