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Something BIG is Coming Soon!

Elevate Your Practice. Redefine Your Expertise.

In the realm of professional achievement, the Certified Tax Resolution Specialist (CTRS) designation stands for excellence, a testament to those who not only seek to elevate their expertise but also to profoundly impact the landscape of tax resolution services. This is not just another credential to add to your portfolio—it’s a declaration of your dedication, a rigorous journey that distinguishes you as a leader in your field.

A Challenge That Rewards
The journey to becoming a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist is designed for those who dare to elevate their practice beyond the ordinary. Unlike other certifications that have diluted the essence of true expertise, the CTRS designation is a rigorous, comprehensive testament to your skills and knowledge. It’s challenging, yes. But it’s also immensely rewarding.

Before the Challenge: The ASTPS Accelerator
Before you can take on the challenge of earning your CTRS designation, there’s a critical first step: The ASTPS Accelerator. This prerequisite is not just a formality—it’s an intensive preparation, designed to equip you with advanced knowledge, strategies, and insights that will not only set you apart in the certification process but also in your practice.

The ASTPS Accelerator is where you begin to transform. It’s where CPAs, EAs, and Attorneys come to sharpen their swords, to ensure that when they step into the arena of the CTRS certification, they do so not just to participate, but to prevail.

Earning the Certified Tax Resolution Specialist designation is a commitment—a commitment to excellence, to continuous learning, and to offering unparalleled service to your clients. It’s a signal to your peers and your clients that you’ve gone above and beyond, that you’ve mastered the complexities of tax resolution, and that you stand ready to tackle even the most challenging cases with expertise and confidence.

  • Stand Out: In a field where standing out is key to success, the CTRS designation is your beacon.
  • Master Your Craft: Go beyond the basics. Master advanced tax resolution strategies and techniques that will set your practice apart.
  • Commit to Excellence: Show your clients, and the world, that you’re committed to being the best in your field.

Are You Ready?
The path to becoming a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist is not for everyone. It demands dedication, a thirst for knowledge, and a commitment to excellence. But for those who choose to embark on this journey, the rewards are unparalleled.

You will not only gain a prestigious designation but also join an elite community of professionals who share your commitment to excellence. You will elevate your practice, enhance your professional standing, and open doors to new opportunities and challenges.

Take the First Step
Are you ready to redefine your expertise and elevate your practice? The ASTPS Accelerator awaits. Begin your journey toward becoming a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist today. Embrace the challenge. Achieve excellence. Transform your practice.


The Certified Tax Resolution Specialist training and exam process is being overhauled and will be launching in Summer 2024. Enter your name and email below to be notified when the new program is available

Educational and license requirements:

  1. Must be a CPA, EA, or Attorney
  2. Must have completed the ASTPS Accelerator