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We Train Rescue Squads for Troubled Taxpayers

Since the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers was founded 13 years ago we have trained thousands of tax professionals on how to represent troubled taxpayers before the IRS. In that same time we have built a community of over 1300 members that have dedicated themselves to becoming tax resolution experts.

Ready to Become a Tax Resolution Pro?

You may be familiar with the high, year round, fees associated with tax problem cases ($3,000 – $5,000 on average). However, in order to command these high fees you need to first learn a new skill.

Let’s be clear: Tax resolution is far from a “get rich quick scheme” in order to truly incorporate it into your business you will be required to invest both time and money.

The good news is that you could attend an ASTPS Technical training, get a membership in ASTPS for support, and get a year subscription in one of the industry’s leading case software for less than what you could make on just one case!

So it all comes down to your ability and willingness to put in the time to develop the skills necessary to solve tax problem cases. We know that time is often a sole practitioners most valuable resource. That’s why we created the Rescue Squad Online Tax Resolution Course.

Who was this Course Created For?

The Rescue Squad Online Tax Resolution Course is a perfect fit for both brand new and experienced practitioners that are looking for in-depth IRS Representation training without having to travel.

New practitioners will be able to get up to speed quickly with our easy to consume 30 minute modules, and experienced practitioners will get a great refresher on the fundamentals of tax resolution.

This course is also perfect for practitioners that want to train staff members without having to spend money on travel, food, and lodging.

Tax Problem Resolution Misconceptions

Here are a few of the misconceptions that many practitioners have about tax problem resolution:

  • Analyzing an IRS problem is difficult and confusing, true? False. There is a series of steps you can take in every case to reach an effective solution. (Module 12)
  • Some tax preparers say the IRS doesn’t accept many offers to settle for less than the full amount a taxpayer owes; this mistaken opinion costs poorly represented taxpayers dearly. Be sure your clients are getting the right advice. (Module 6)
  • There’s little an employer can do when they get behind in paying payroll taxes, right? Wrong! There are several options for them to get back in the good graces of the IRS and some are better than you might think. (Module 9)
  • It takes years of experience in taxpayer representation to advise clients of their alternatives. Obviously, experience is a plus, but now you can know the basic programs, techniques, and approaches used by seasoned pros. The course discussed here can be completed over your morning coffee in just a couple of weeks – of course, you can also rip through it in 1-day if that suits you better.

“What Am I Going to Learn?”

There are a couple of inexpensive books and software products that make dealing with the IRS easier. We will tell you about those that are worth your time and provide you with discounts on most of them. (Module 1)

You may have some experience dealing with audits of your client’s tax returns. If you do, you need to know what secrets the IRS is keeping that can bite you if you go to your client’s audit. There’s more to consider than just saving the client from the stress and inconvenience of dealing with the IRS on their own. (Module 11)

When it comes to those client questions that I mentioned earlier, do you know:

  • The one thing you can do for nearly every troubled taxpayer? (Module 8),
  • The IRS has more ways of charging penalties than ants at a picnic and that here are several ways to remove or reduce them? (Module 8),
  • If a taxpayer is stuck with a tax bill that belongs to their spouse or ex-spouse, 4 ways you can right this wrong? (Module 10),
  • Where and how to find answers to your client’s questions. (Module 1),
  • That contrary to what many believe, taxpayers meeting 3 simple tests may, with exceptions, have their taxes discharged in bankruptcy? (Module 2),
  • What to do when your taxpayer can’t pay anything? (Module 2),
  • What to do when your new client hasn’t filed in years? And, how many years must be filed for the IRS to consider him compliant? (Module 2),
  • The financial analysis steps to determine a taxpayer’s options? (Modules 3 & 4)
  • Representing troubled taxpayers means dealing with IRS personnel. There are 8 specific jobs in the IRS that you must understand. (Module 1)

The law provides limits on how long the IRS may pursue a taxpayer and how long the IRS even has to assess taxes. Knowing these basic rules can end a taxpayer’s problems quickly and easily. You will find those rules in Module 3. Often using just a few planning tips and techniques in preparation of an Offer in Compromise can convert an unworkable offer to a life-changing solution for your client. Examples of these are found in Module 7.

Once the IRS says, “No.” you’re stuck, right? Not so. There are appeal rights that I will explain in Module 11 that can give you the opportunity to win your case. Don’t worry, it’s something that you can do with no stress or anxiety.

Every tax practitioner knows that each year IRS issues millions of notices to taxpayers. In Module 3 we will show you which notices are the most serious and the amount of time you have to act before a taxpayer loses his rights.

Besides tons of notices and penalties IRS uses liens and levies to force taxpayers into submission. In Module 3 we’ll tell you what tools are available to help your client. This alone is worth the time and modest investment in the course and will give you a great return on investment.

And of course we will cover much much more…

1. IRS Personnel & Access to Information

2. CNC, Non-Filer Issues, & Bankruptcy Support

3. IRS Collection Notices, Statutes of Limitations, & Liens, Levies and Releases

4. Financial Analysis (Equity Component)

5. Financial Analysis (Income Component)

6. Offers in Compromise

7. OIC Tips & Techniques

8. Installment Agreements & Penalty Abatement

9. Employment Tax Issues

10. Innocent Spouse Relief & Injured Spouse

11. Audit Representation, Appeals, & Hearings

12. Analysis of an IRS Problem

100% money back guarantee


Go through the entire course and if you don’t feel that it is worth the investment just ship us the binder back and we will refund your registration fees.

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Whats included?

The course consists of 12 – 30 minute modules totaling just over 6 hours of content.

When you purchase the course you will get immediate online access through the ASTPS website. We will ship you a copy of the printed manual which should arrive in about 3-4 business days. In the meantime you will be able to download the slides and sample forms directly from the website so you can get started immediately!

You will have access to the course for 12 months starting from the time of purchase. You will receive notifications as you get closer to the expiration date with an option to extend access if you’d like to.