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Practice Management Mastermind 2023

What is the Practice Management Mastermind

The Practice Management Mastermind (PMM©) group is the solution to running an effective Tax Problem Resolution practice. The benefits of the group are detailed later in this letter, but the overall purpose is to provide each member with answers to case questions while helping to make the best practice management decisions for their practice. These objectives will be met through advice from peers and direct access to some of the most successful leaders in the industry. PMM© is rich in continuing benefits making it truly unique.

Why PMM© is Unique

Some groups offer a few up-front bonuses, but after the first month there is little reason to remain involved. Without on-going benefits, why would anyone continue to pay for a monthly subscription?
PMM© delivers continuing value month after month. Therefore, there is no need for long-term commitments, contracts, or large advance payments. If you decide PMM© isn’t providing you with regular and continuing benefits, you may quit at any time. PMM© is like having a whole group of business partners and an extended support staff dedicated to helping grow your practice month after month.

New to Tax Problem Resolution?

Just getting started in tax problem resolution? Newer practitioners will appreciate how PPM© provides the confidence to move forward without trepidation. PMM© is the safe way to launch your new resolution practice quickly, unlike practitioners who spend years getting started, but never really launch. The main reason for their failure to launch is isolation. They fear they lack the skills and experience needed to be confident in moving forward. PMM© fills that void through the shared experience of the fellow members and experienced mentors.

Not New to Tax Problem Resolution?

For experienced practitioners, having a second set of experienced eyes to review casework prior to filing may be all that’s needed. Perhaps discussing cases with veteran colleagues is what you will appreciate most. You may want help managing growth or implementing a growth plan.

Group Size and Geographic Limitations

Group size is limited to just 20 practitioners. We will meet each month either by a 2-hour group zoom meeting or the 2-days in-person. Members will not be admitted from geographic areas that we deem to be competitive with existing members.

Your Incredibly Experienced Mastermind Group Leaders Are:

Larry Lawler, CPA, EA, CTRS

Larry is the National Director of the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers (ASTPS). Larry has represented literally thousands of taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service and is a frequent public speaker, a writer on professional topics, and a regular trainer of tax professionals nationwide.

LG Brooks, EA, CTRS

LG is the Senior Tax Resolution Consultant at Lawler and Witkowski CPA’s and runs their Dallas, TX office. LG has been in the field of taxation for more than 29 years and has been in practice full time since 1990. LG is a member of several tax-related organizations and his tax practice includes Tax Representation, Tax Consulting, Tax Preparation and Pre-Tax Court Litigation Support Services.

John J. Witkowski, CPA, CTRS

John is a Director and co-founder of the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers (ASTPS) and has represented thousands of taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service over his career. Through ASTPS John has consulted with hundreds of practitioners all around the country providing case analysis and recommendations.

You’re Not Going to Believe Everything That’s Included…

#1 Two In-Person Group Meetings

Two-day in-depth Mastermind Meetings with “hot-seats”, two times per year. Summer in Niagara Falls, January in warm climate. The first meeting will likely be in late fall as we continue to deal with the Covid-19 Pandemic. ($3,000 Value)

#2 Monthly Group Call 

Two-hour monthly call to cover any topic on first-come, first served basis. Each month, except Live-Meeting months. ($3,600 Value)

#3 “Quick Question” Calls Scheduling Priority 

Fast access to Larry, John, and LG for those urgent quick questions. We will take or respond to your call with high priority and provide our best immediate answer. ($1,000 Value)

#4 Complimentary Case Filing Review & Critique

Have a case you want reviewed before submission? Submit it for second-opinion and get a 2-day turn-around. 1 Case per month limit. ($7,200 Value)

#5  Access to Private Mastermind Slack Group 

Interact with other PMM members to get feedback, give case updates, etc. ($3,000 Value)

#6 Customized Monthly Client Newsletter 

Done for you Newsletter – all you have to do is print & mail! You will also receive a Microsoft Word file of all the articles in each newsletter that you may use on your firm’s website or social media sites. ($1,764 Value)

#7 Complimentary Attendance at One ASTPS Event 

Select one event of your choice to attend each year. Super-Conference, ASTPS Academy, or the ASTPS Boot Camp. ($1,097 Value)

#8 Rescue Squad, Engagement Management, and Perfect Tax Associate Course Access 

On-line learning tools ideal for training yourself and your staff without the cost of travel, etc. ($1,791 Value)

#9 ASTPS Premium Membership 

All the benefits of a Premium Member included with the PMM subscription. NB: This is actually worth $2,000. ($400 Value)

MastermindTax Resolution Support

$ 597

Per Month
  • No Contracts
  • No Commitments
  • Cancel Anytime
Apply Now

The Total Price of All the Included Monthly Benefits is over $23,000

You get it all for just $597 per month! We truly believe we have put together the most comprehensive support program for active practitioners that the Tax Resolution Industry has ever seen!

To make this deal even better we have removed all the risk! There are no contracts, no onerous commitments, you can literally quit at any time.

However there is one catch… There is no “pause button.” If a member quits the group for any reason they would have to wait a year for the group to open up again.