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Tax Resolution Tools & Guides

Success Partners

If you are planning on launching a tax resolution business or taking your existing business to the next level these are the companies that you need to know about.

Ultimate IRS Communicator

150 IRS Done for You Response Letters for just about every situation you can think of!

Tax Resolution Software

Tax Resolution Software helps practitioners keep organized, analyze cases, and make recommendations.

Tax Resolution Checklist

Worried you’re forgetting to ask you client for information? Never Again!

Engagement Letter Guide

Engagement letters are crucial to your business. Check these 6 tips to makes sure yours is rock solid!

Creating a Development Plan

Develop a strategic development program to help get you where you want to go!

2848 vs 8821

We’ve trained thousands of people on the differences between 2848s and 8821s – here are the most FAQs.

IRS Transcripts

We’ve trained thousands of people on how to read IRS Transcripts – here are the most FAQs.

Setting up a Client File

In this Guide you will see exactly how the pros at ASTPS keep track of critical case information!

Amended Return Guide

Do you ever need to amend a tax return? Find 10 Answers to Common Amended Return Questions

Common IRS Titles & Offices

Learn the about the most common personnel and offices and their functions within the IRS.

Disengagement Warning Letter

Get unresponsive clients back in line or pull the plug on the engagement with this warning letter.

Case Outsourcing

Tax Service for Professionals (TSP) is a support system for professionals providing Tax Problem Resolution services to troubled taxpayers.