The Annual Taxpayer Representation Super Conference brings together Tax Resolution Practitioners from around the country who want to improve their representation skills and grow their practices.

You will have opportunities to hear presentations from Tax Resolution Experts, network with other tax resolution professionals, and view the latest innovations in IRS Representation and Practice Management Software.

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The Super Conference topics will require some prerequisite knowledge of tax resolution. If you are brand new or have very limited knowledge of the industry it will be in your best interest to start off at the ASTPS Tax Resolution Boot Camp. This year we will be running a Boot Camp along side the Super Conference in Las Vegas and attendees of the Boot Camp will be able to come to the 3rd day of the Super Conference for free!

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At the 2018 ASTPS Super Conference in Las Vegas you will embark on a step-by-step journey through a tax problem resolution case with a group of seasoned pros who will share their tips and techniques learned over many years of dealing with the IRS.

All course material is subject to change.


Lawrence M. Lawler, CPA, EA, CTRS

In this opening session we will cover what a tax problem resolution practitioner should consider at the beginning of every prospective engagement. Due diligence and best practices involved in making the decision to accept or reject an engagement. Larry will cover the initial phase of the process from pre-interview to acceptance. The goal of this session is to assure attendees will protect themselves and avoid those cases that they regret ever saying yes to representing them. If you’ve ever had that “case from hell”, you will know how critical this topic is for your sanity.

Information Control

LG Brooks, EA, CTRS

In every resolution scenario the practitioner should be the hub that controls information flow between the client and the IRS. Included is securing information from both parties and providing information to both. LG will provide an expert’s insights into best practices and problem areas in dealing with each of these two very different interests. An accomplished practitioner acts as the best communication link between the parties. Dealing with the IRS requires different considerations than dealing with the taxpayer. Client confidentiality, disclosure rules, and permissible submission of documents must be considered.

Taxpayer reps must consider exposure of a taxpayer’s emails to an IRS summons. LG will include a discussion of both the third party and the John Doe summons. As usual, “Mr. Energy and Enthusiasm” will make this critical topic interesting and entertaining.

In-Depth in Common Solutions (3 Parts)
Part 1 Bankruptcy a Tax Problem Solution

Gary Bluestein, ESQ., CTRS

Your presenter is a former Senior Attorney for the IRS and was a Special Assistant United State’s Attorney. Gary is a long time ASTPS speaker and it goes without saying he is a leading national expert in the subject of taxes in bankruptcy. Many representatives underutilize this important tool. CPAs, EAs, and non-bankruptcy attorneys must understand when bankruptcy is the preferred solution to a tax problem. Despite not being a bankruptcy attorney, you may be instrumental in reaching the point where taxes are dischargeable. For example, you may negotiate an Installment Agreement that allows a tax balance to qualify for discharge. You can perform the analysis detailing the proper dates taxes become dischargeable in bankruptcy. Competent client service demands the taxpayer’s representative consider all appropriate solutions – you need to know when bankruptcy is the proper solution – after this session, you will.

In-Depth in Common Solutions (3 Parts)
Part 2 Advanced Installment Agreements: Everything You Need to Know to Get a Deal

Steven Klitzner, ESQ., CTRS

One of the best solutions to an IRS problem is the Installment Agreement. To effectively represent clients, the tax professional must know the law, the rules, and the IRS policy. Taxpayers have different circumstances and needs, and the practitioner must know which type of IA works best for them. Steve will take you through the process of proposing a solution to the IRS. He will explain the different Installment Agreements, including partial-pay, streamlined, six-year rule, and the one-year rule types. Highlights will include figuring expenses and the amount to propose, in-business Installment Agreement requests, appeal of rejections and terminations.

In-Depth in Common Solutions (3 Parts)
Part 3 OIC/CNC Planning

Jeffrey Schneider, EA, CTRS

The Offer in Compromise and Currently Not Collectible provisions in IRC/IRM are vastly different, yet they contain some of the most forgiving provisions of the code. Here is your opportunity to see how to qualify a taxpayer to take advantage of these taxpayer saving tools.

Jeff will share the secrets he uses to ethically advise a client and change their financial picture to conform to the IRS system and thereby qualify for the best of the IRS programs. Generally, the tax challenged taxpayer has made poor financial choices and Jeff’s advice helps to correct those problems and improve their ability to gain approval of their Offer in Compromise or be placed in Currently Not Collectible status.

Case Analysis: Reasoning to Recommendation

Gary Bluestein, ESQ., CTRS

After this session you will know how a seasoned tax problem resolution pro evaluates a client’s fact pattern. Gary will outline a client scenario and then walk you through it step-by-step explaining his reasoning as he goes. Each fact pattern will require consideration of: the IRS tools available, the taxpayer's financial position, the taxpayer’s tax history, the Statutes of Limitations, the cost of representation, and the probability of success. The tips, techniques, and analytical insights gained in this one session are worth as much as the entire conference – don’t miss this important new presentation.

Eliminating Roadblocks

Michelle Schwerin, CPA, ESQ.

Into every day, a little rain must fall, or so they say… Likewise we all encounter unanticipated roadblocks as we strive to solve our client’s tax problems. Michelle will bring on the sunshine by telling you how to to secure meetings and the best tactics for those meetings with: the taxpayer advocate’s office, group managers, territory managers, revenue officers, revenue agents, tax compliance agents, ACS, appeals officers, and settlement officers.

Closing Like a Pro

Lawrence M. Lawler, CPA, EA, CTRS

We have now engaged the client we want, built a professional case file, discussed the tools available to resolve their tax problems, considered the alternatives, and implemented our plan. We have even resolved any roadblocks along the way. However, we are not finished yet. We need to finish the job through a closing meeting and a plan to put the taxpayer on the correct path for the future. If we neglect this final step, we will miss the opportunity to be sure the client appreciates our efforts, pays any outstanding fees, returns for other work, recommends us to others, and most importantly acts on everything required to comply with the agreement forged with the IRS.



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