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  • The Latest in Pricing and Fee Strategies

  • How to Increase the Transaction Value From Your Existing Clients

  • Advanced Sales Secrets Revealed

  • Text SMS Marketing Strategies

  • Case Management and CRM Software solutions

  • Social Media Marketing Strategies

  • 3 Dimensional (“lumpy”) Direct Mail Solutions

  • How to Get Free PR

  • Outdoor Advertising Strategies

  • Website Video Marketing Techniques

  • Website Design and Email Marketing Strategies

  • IRS Transcript Retrieval Tools

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Lawrence Lawler: ASTPS

In his presentation Larry will show you the benefits of joining a mastermind group and how being involved in one can exponentially grow your business.


Dave Dee: Former Marketing Strategist at GKIC

Dave will show you how to control the minds, emotions and actions of prospects, and how to elegantly structure your “close” – without high pressure or manipulative sales techniques.


Kim Walsh-Phillips: Elite Digital Group

Kim will show you step by step how to drive qualified tax resolution clients from Facebook into your front door.


Majeed Ghadialy: Textellent

Most of your clients are texting on a daily basis. Majeed will show you how to use text messaging to keep in contact with your clients, follow up with prospects, and grow your business.


Jaime Buchwald: PitBullTax

At the 2017 Tax Resolution Marketing and Technology Extravaganza, PitBullTax Software will unleash a never before seen MARKETING SYSTEM! You read correctly… A MARKETING SYSTEM! This is our top secret release and we won’t even tell you its name yet! So, don’t even call us… our muzzles are on. Attendees will be the first to hear about this revolutionary new program.


Travis Lee: 3D Mail Results

In Travis’s presentation you will discover how to use 3 Dimensional (“lumpy”) Direct Mail to get more clients.


Barry Friedman: Industry Newsletters

Barry will show you how to use newsletter marketing to keep your relationship with your clients strong year-round, attract new, worthwhile prospects and grow your referral network.

Michael Rozbruch: Roz Strategies

Michael will show you how to generate thousands, in many cases tens of thousands of dollars, every year, from existing clients for very minimal costs!


Ian Garlic: Online Video Storytelling Expert

Ian will show you how using videos in your online marketing can help you reach out to more of your ideal clients, drive more traffic to your website, increase the calls received, and get more clients.


Joan Stewart: The Publicity Hound

Learn how to be the go-to tax expert for journalists and get thousands of dollars in free publicity


Nick Panepinto: ADP

How partnering with a payroll & HR provider can help your business clients with their IRS tax settlement negotiations, while also creating a new revenue stream for your firm.


Roger Nemeth: Tax Help Software

Roger will show you manage ALL of your tax clients pro-actively. Significantly increase your revenue and improve client satisfaction. Detect audits and CP 2000’s before your customer gets the letter, real time tracking of estimated payments, payroll payments, installment agreements, and determine who qualifies for first time abatements.


Mike Giardina: OfficeTools

Mike will be presenting a never before seen presentation titled: “4 Things To Know About Perfect Workflow”


Hugo Fernandez: Just Digital

Hugo will show you how to structure your first automated follow up sequence so you never forget to follow up with unconverted leads. How to create irresistible lead magnets and landing pages to convert visitors into leads, and how to launch your first Google Ad-Words campaign.

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If, at any time during that first day, you don’t think this event will help you grow and thrive in tax problem resolution, then ask any of the sponsors’ representatives to authorize your refund of the registration fee. You can leave, head home and not be out one penny for the seminar. You will receive a 100% refund within 7 days of the seminar, no questions or conditions.

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