Membership in ASTPS is for ambitious tax professionals that want to become experts in Tax Problem Resolution

Right now there are over 13 million cases in the IRS Collection Division according to the 2015 IRS Data Book, and our estimation is there are only 3,000 – 4,000 practitioners actively working in the tax resolution niche.

If IRS representation is something that you are seriously considering, ASTPS can help prepare you to take on the IRS by giving you the latest strategies you need to resolve cases, and the back end support to do it confidently.

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Join the more than 1,000 members that rely on ASTPS every year to deliver the latest presentations, the top instructors, and the best one-on-one support in the tax resolution industry! ASTPS is run by active experienced tax resolution professionals. We know the struggles you will face on the journey into this lucrative niche because we’ve been in your shoes! Rest assured that you will always be learning from practitioners that are actively representing troubled taxpayers.

About our memberships

All ASTPS Memberships last 12 months and will automatically renew unless canceled. You are free to upgrade to another membership level at any time, downgrading will take place at the time of your renewal. New memberships will include a one time initiation fee of $30. If you have any questions at all about membership please give us a call at (716) 630-1650.

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