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Every year over 100 tax practitioners graduate from this advanced program!

Introduction to the Program

So you’re representing taxpayers before the IRS, but do you ever feel like you’d like to know more?

Often times practitioners mention to us that while they know the basics, and have done a few cases, they still don’t quite feel comfortable because they know there is so much more to learn. For example, you might know that a Revenue Officer must follow required procedures when filing liens or levies. Yet, you are unclear about exactly what it is they must do. So, you assume they did it right and proceed trusting that the R.O. didn’t violate procedure or miss a critical requirement.

When you are confident in your skills you quote and get higher fees. Prospective clients also sense when you are confident in your ability to represent them. They’re also aware that top pros command higher fees because they get better results.

Boot Camp graduates often ask, “What’s next?” In response, ASTPS launched the answer to your question. In 2021 ASTPS will be running the third year of the ASTPS Academy. To assure the desired level of knowledge is achieved attendees will have completed the Boot Camp within the last three years.

Academy Positioning

The Academy is a significant level above the Boot Camp in depth and complexity and will assume attendees have a grasp of Boot Camp topics. The Boot Camp attendance requirement is needed because there is not sufficient time to revisit the Boot Camp topics. The Academy is all new material and will cover topics in depth that are needed to be comfortable representing complex cases. You will leave three days of intense training knowing you have the skills to competently represent large dollar and complex cases that bring in fees that can change your life.

Academy Presenters

Your presenters have lived the experience you want for your practice and now offer a fast-track to emulate their success. You can reach comparable success even faster than they did because they never had the benefit of a course like the ASTPS Academy. The presenters are actively involved in representation – they have strong credentials and extensive experience. The Academy presenters are not like the wannabes that try to copy ASTPS offerings but offer weak imitations. Better than that, you know them from your experience at the ASTPS Boot Camp.

When you sign up for any kind of learning event, you always (or should always) question who will be the presenters. That shouldn’t be an issue here – you know them. It’s Larry Lawler, LG Brooks, and Steve Klitzner. The same team of pros you know from Boot Camp and you know that they will deliver an exceptional experience.

Larry Lawler, CPA, EA, CTRS, NTPI Fellow

Larry is the National Director of the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers (ASTPS). Larry has represented literally thousands of taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service and is a frequent public speaker, a writer on professional topics, and a regular trainer of tax professionals nationwide. He is a dynamic and knowledgeable speaker who offers a mix of information, personality and humor in his presentations and interviews. His audiences enjoy him as much as he enjoys speaking. He has become nationally recognized for his skills in solving tax problems, his marketing expertise, and exceptional practice management abilities. He has been a New York Certified Public Accountant since 1973. He is also a fellow of the National Tax Practice Institute. Larry is the managing partner of Lawler & Witkowski, CPAs, PC, the firm he established in 1973.

LG Brooks, EA, CTRS, NTPI Fellow

LG  is the former CEO of U.S. Tax & Consulting Group and as of January 1st 2019 he is a Senior Tax Resolution Consultant at Lawler and Witkowski CPA’s. LG has been in the field of taxation for more than 29 years and has been in practice full time since 1990. LG is a member of several tax-related organizations and his tax practice includes Tax Representation, Tax Consulting, Tax Preparation and Pre-Tax Court Litigation Support Services. LG received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Bishop College at Dallas, Texas in 1977.

Steve Klitzner, Esq., CTRS

Steve is the CEO of Florida Tax Solvers. His practice in Miami is 100% focused on IRS Tax Resolution. Steve has presented at many ASTPS conferences in the past and is the newest member of the Boot Camp Training Team. He is admitted to the United States Supreme Court, United States Tax Court, United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, and the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida. Steve is a frequent lecturer on Tax Resolution topics and has presented to thousands of practitioners around the country. He is well known for the humor he brings to his presentations!

Number of Academy Events

During the 2021 seminar season ASTPS will be running just one ASTPS Academy event with limited seating. Registration is currently open for the live virtual event and will fill up on a first-come, first-served basis. Practitioners who have attended the Boot Camp more than three years ago are encouraged to return to the Boot Camp so they may register for an upcoming Academy.

Why Attend?

First, simply because you want to be the best representative you can be. Also, just think how much your income might increase if you raise your fees in the next year by 20% to reflect your higher incomparable expertise and greater capabilities. If you did $100,000 last year in resolution work, you can make $20,000 more on the same amount of work in the upcoming year. Not bad return for investing a couple of days. But wait, what about the cases you would have either declined or referred away in the past? One or two of those at $5,000 or $6,000 each starts to add up.

Already Know Enough?

You may be thinking that you learned so much in Boot Camp that you don’t really need the Academy. It’s true the Boot Camp allowed you to jump right in to competently representing taxpayers. However, unless believe you can’t improve or can’t get better, the Academy will be a giant step toward achieving the highest level of competence.

Risk? What risk?

Of course, the Advanced Academy is another ASTPS no-risk event, just like the Boot Camp. If you attend day one and believe it’s not for you, turn your materials and ASTPS will refund 100% your registration under our no-risk, no-weasel rules, 100% refund guarantee.

What You Can Expect

Level of Learning Unavailable Elsewhere
You will leave knowing more than all the wannabes out there

Practical Instruction
Expertise you can use in every case

Experienced, Nationally-Recognized Instructors
Not much to say here, you know us and what we will deliver

War Stories and Real Case Examples
Lets you see how you can use your new skills

Reference Tools to Use in Your Everyday Practice
Lots of cites and references – save time back at the office

Your Questions Answered
We will do our best to fill-in any blanks you have

Enhanced Ability to Quickly Analyze Cases
Knowing rules gets cases done in less time at higher rates

Learn the Skills of the Top Experts
Nothing held back, your instructors will share all their secrets

Topic to Be Covered:

  • Data-Gathering & Case Acceptance
  • Planning & Analysis of Exam Cases
  • Liens from Top to Bottom
  • Levies/Seizures Under a Microscope
  • Statute of Limitations in Depth
  • Landmark Tax Cases
  • All about Hearings
  • Elevating a Case
  • IRS Examination Techniques
  • Handling Examination Cases
  • Planning & Analysis in Exam Cases
  • Practitioner Duties & Responsibilities
  • Take-home Tutorials
  • Much, much more!

Bonuses Include:

1. Video of Larry’s 100% effective interview techniques that have made him one of the most successful practitioners in tax problem resolution.
2. Larry’s video lesson on using Taxpayer Assistance Orders.

Continuing Professional Education

Certified Public Accountants receive 17 NASBA Approved Continuing Professional Education credit hours. Enrolled Agents receive 17 IRS Approved Continuing Education credit hours. Attorneys receive a Certificate of Attendance and a syllabus of the course topics to submit to their respective Bar Associations with a request to award 16 hours of Continuing Legal Education.

Okay, So How Much Is This Course

Full price is $1,097, but you save $100 for early registration and your member discount applies too. Multiple registrations from the same firm get added discounts for a spouse, a bona-fide employee, or co-owner. Even at full price it is still less than ¼ of a relatively small case.

After attending the Academy, you will know more about the tax problem resolution topics covered than any of the pretenders in your industry.  With this new course there is no doubt you will rise to another level beyond your competition.

There is absolutely nothing like this course available anywhere and it will not disappoint. In fact, it raises the bar beyond everything in the industry. Don’t be left out.

What does an ASTPS Virtual Event look like?

A lot of people are hesitant to attend a virtual seminar because they think it is like every other boring webinar they’ve attended. Our Boot Camps are highly interactive and you get a front row seat to our instructors! Take a look at the video above and expand it to full screen so you can get an idea of what it’s like to be in the class!

A cool perk of ASTPS Virtual Events is that we have professional staff in the background during the entire presentation! That means every single question gets answered! During a typical event we answer over 500 questions for the attendees! Way more than would ever get answered in an in person event!

Academy Details

Date: July 28-30

Membership Discounts apply to the member and their staff/w2 employees only. Registration under the wrong membership type will result in the registration being refunded and you will lose your spot and need to reregister.

If you are unsure of your membership level please call (716) 630-1650 or login to the member dashboard.

Class Times Each Day:
11am-6pm Eastern
10am-5pm Central
9am-4pm Mountain
8am-3pm Pacific

Connection Test: July 27th at 2:00pm Eastern

Follow Up Q&A: August 6th – Times will vary

Webinar Platform: Zoom

Multiple Registrations: If registering 4 or more members of the same firm please contact ASTPS for additional discounts.

Cancellation Policy: Full refund 30 days prior to the event. 50% Refund 30-14 days prior. Handout material will be mailed 2 weeks prior to the event and there will be no refunds for cancellation after that point.

To Register Multiple Attendees Please Call (716) 630-1650