Spring Conference

8jun - 10All DayTax Resolution Spring Conference - San Antonio, TX

Super Conference

5oct - 7All DayTaxpayer Representation Super Conference - Las Vegas, NV

Tax Resolution Boot Camp

11may - 12All DayBoot Camp - Los Angeles, CA
22may - 23All DayBoot Camp - Baltimore, MD
8jun - 9All DayBoot Camp - San Antonio, TX
10jul - 11All DayBoot Camp - New York, NY
24jul - 25All DayBoot Camp - Orlando, FL
7aug - 8All DayBoot Camp - Seattle, WA
14sep - 15All DayBoot Camp - Buffalo, NY
5oct - 6All DayBoot Camp - Las Vegas, NV
19oct - 20All DayBoot Camp - Orange County, CA

The members area will be down this weekend for updates