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IRS CAF FOIA - Figuring Out Who You Have a Power of Attorney (2848) On

Filing a CAF FOIA is a critical part of running an effective tax resolution business because you need to know exactly who you are still responsible for representing.

By Angelene Wierzbic, EA, CTRS

What is The IRS CAF (Centralized Authorization File)?

The IRS CAF (Centralized Authorization File) System is a secure online system used by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to manage taxpayer information and authorize representatives to represent taxpayers before the IRS. The system allows taxpayers to electronically submit and update their representative information and to submit requests for authorization and authentication of representatives. The CAF system allows the IRS to track and manage all representatives, including attorneys, enrolled agents, and certified public accountants, who are authorized to represent taxpayers before the IRS.

What is a FOIA Request?

A FOIA request, or Freedom of Information Act request, is a formal request for access to records of a government agency or entity. FOIA requests are used to obtain information that is not publicly available, such as documents, photographs, emails, and other records. FOIA requests can be made by members of the public and by journalists, researchers, and others seeking information.

Where do you Request the CAF FOIA?

A FOIA can be requested through fax
(877) 891-6035

By Mail
Internal Revenue Service
GLDS Support Services
Stop 93A
Post Office Box 621506
Atlanta, GA 30362

But the BEST WAY is through FOIA.GOV

Go to FOIA.gov

What Should I Expect to receive from my CAF FOIA?

FOIAs come in 2 packages:

The Access Code
Normally mailed to you a few days before you receive the FOIA package
Letter containing the Codes needed to open the information

The Information
Generally, comes on a USB Drive (older FOIAs came on CD)
Zip Files which need the code to view
Information in pdf format or Notepad file

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