CCH Practices False Advertising

I just returned from Phoenix and sat down to catch up on my email - a job that involves some heavy-duty delete-key work – but, some of the contacts are happily received, like those from ASTPS members. Among the member contacts was one from my friend, Amit Chandel, in California. Amit sent me a link to the CCH marketing of a certification in tax problem resolution. CCH claims to be the “first and only” certification. I wonder what the ASTPS members all over the country think when they see that, seeing as ASTSP launched our certification (CTRS) almost ten years ahead of CCH. Not only are the not the first, they are not the only. Further, a non-profit association of professionals awards our certification. CCH’s program is marketing motivated; the ASTPS program was created by concerned professionals for the purpose providing a distinction that troubled taxpayers could rely on to find qualified representation. American Society of Tax Problem Solvers certification includes the requirement to adhere to professional standards promulgated by concerned practitioners. I am disappointed in CCH for their false advertising, as I have often advised our members to use their products. I will contact CCH and inquire about their false claims. I’ll let you know how they respond, but meanwhile, ASTPS’ Certified Tax Resolution Specialist program remains alive and well.