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All live webinars are approved for continuing education through the IRS and NASBA.

IRS Statutes Of Limitation Dates: ASED, RSED, & CSED

Tuesday, May 7th from 1:00-3:00 Eastern Time
Roger Nemeth, EA, CTRS

This highly requested presentation will cover the IRS Statutes of Limitations. The three Statutes are Assessment (ASED), Refund (RSED), and Collection (CSED). The Statutes can be very confusing and it is critical to understand the certain events that can extend them. These events are referred to as tolling events and can complicate the Statute Calculations. The presentation will cover calculating Statutes and contesting them with the IRS. The focus of this presentation is on the individual account, but some business rules will be covered as well.

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