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National Clean Up Your IRS Act Month

By March 15, 2016 No Comments

March is National Clean Up Your IRS Act Month. This is a month for taxpayers to focus on resolving problems with the IRS. We encourage our members and other tax resolution specialists to give special deals and discounts to taxpayers in need of assistance.

What does this mean to you the Tax Resolution Practitioner? USE THIS AS AN OPPORTUNITY TO MARKET YOUR SPECIALTY PRACTICE! This would be the perfect time to run a direct mail campaign highlighting the month and asking for referrals from other practitioners. It is very possible they may have found a client with tax problems during this tax season and are unsure how to help them. You should also write an article for your blog explaining what the month is all about and how your practice can help. Not only should you include this in all of your marketing, but you should also make sure you tell everyone you know about Clean Up Your IRS Act Month. After all you never know where your next client might come from.

Clean Up Your IRS Act Month is sponsored by the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers. By the way its official we even had it registered. Check it out here.