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Presentation Marketing 

Sponsored By: The American Society of Tax Problem Solvers

Are you ready to be handed a proven turnkey specialized marketing program that will work anywhere in the country?

If the answer is yes, then you need to attend the Presentation Marketing Training Program. This course will give you step by step instructions on how to find and pitch your services directly to high quality prospects.

The best part is that, after the training, there is virtually no cost to run this program.

The training session is strictly limited to ten participants because there is a lot of individual attention and practice time needed to guarantee success. Once you complete the two days, you will have a spigot that you can turn on at will to bring in new revenue for a lifetime.

This is an in-person, concentrated personal training course. You will learn how to present the material using World Class Speaking techniques to deliver your Guerrilla-style marketing message. Although you will receive a recording of some of the material, the course is not available as a recording because of the interaction required.

This video is Larry Lawler’s marketing presentation from the Marketing & Technology Extravaganza. In this presentation he covers multiple ways to market your practice, and talks in-depth about this Program.

Why Larry Lawler Created This Course

When my firm started offering tax problem resolution services there was scant technical material available and even less marketing material. Unless, of course, you wanted to buy-in to the type of marketing that typical ad agencies push. Their approach provided no means to measure results and exceeded the budget of all but the largest firms.

We wasted a lot of money we couldn’t afford and invested countless hours with “agency gurus” who in the end produced little meaningful business.

Determined that we would find a way to reach the market we knew was there, but couldn’t afford the overpriced mass media to reach, we tried several types of campaigns. Flyers, direct mail, middle-of-the-night radio, free publicity were all in the mix until one day we decided to try going directly to the industries with higher than normal incidences of tax problems.

I had never heard of World Class Speaking or Guerrilla Marketing. If I had, it’s likely I would have discovered this perfect marriage sooner. My partner and I had experience representing Realtors with tax problems. We agreed that I would spend the time needed to become an expert in the industry and about the attitudes of Real Estate Agents. Eventually, I created a seminar on taxes to be presented to Real Estate Agents. Problem was, “I was all dressed up, with nowhere to go.” I knew what they wanted and needed, but didn’t have a way to tell them.

This is an explanation webinar we did for a previous event. Please note the dates in the video are NOT CORRECT.

The Results

Ultimately it dawned on us – just tell them! We figured out how to get the attention of the Real Estate community. I gave the seminar to the first group of twenty-five agents and had seven new clients that afternoon. Admittedly, this was not a typical result, but it convinced us that we had discovered our own Field of Diamonds. Future seminars produced an average of 4.6 new clients per seminar. The real beauty is the system you learn is easily adapted to other disciplines; it is not limited to Realtors.

The new business was split 2:1 between tax preparation and tax problem representation respectively. The exciting part was that each presentation brought us over $7,000 of new revenue. Do that once a month and you will have $84,000 of new revenue at the end of a year. Do it weekly for just six months and you will have $182,000 of new revenue in just six months. If you do not want the tax preparation piece of the work you can still add $5,600 of new revenue per presentation based on an average case fee of $4,000.

A Word of Caution

You must consider your firm’s capacity to handle new work competently. The worst thing you can do is get clients quickly and not be able to fulfill your responsibilities to each one of them. The beauty of the system is that you can suspend it at any time if you need to catch up on your casework.

Upon Completion You Will Receive

The material is fully done-for-you marketing including handouts, PowerPoint slideshow, sample letters, and scripts. The in-person training and practice sessions assure you understand every aspect of the program and assures your future success. After attending this course, you will possess all the tools and skills needed to transform your practice into the envy of your competitors.

Host Virtual Meetings

Not only will you learn how to go to firms and do in-person events, but we’re also going to show you how to host virtual training events for Real Estate offices and get clients!

Money Back Guarantee

We are so sure that you will be 100% satisfied with our program that we are willing to give you a FULL REFUND if you are not!  At the end of the first day, simply turn in your materials and we will gladly refund your registration fee.

Event Details

Date: January 5-6, 2023

Event Location:
AC Hotel Fort Lauderdale Beach
3029 Alhambra St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

Overnight Accommodations:
AC Hotel Fort Lauderdale Beach
209 USD per night
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Membership Discounts apply to the member and their staff/w2 employees only. If you are unsure of your membership level please call (716) 630-1650 or login to the member dashboard.

Class Times Each Day:
8am-5pm Eastern Time

Multiple Registrations: Additional Attendees must be employees or family members and can be added for $998 each.

Cancellation Policy: Full refund 30 days or more prior to the event. 50% Refund 30-14 days prior. 14-7 days prior full credit towards future event. 7 days or less 50% credit towards future event.