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Virtual Boot Camp

Sept 28 – 30, 2021 | Virtual

Ready for in-person learning? Join us in Houston!

Get ready for Boot Camp!

Boot Camp is intense! You’re going to learn a ton over the course of 24 hours, and this program has the potential to change the trajectory of your business & career. However it is going to take focus – This isn’t the type of event that you’ll have time to be working on other things in the background. For the best possible results you need to be glued to the screen!

On our end we have an entire team dedicated to this event and your success! Including a dedicated question coordinator, 3 Tax Resolution Experts in the background answering all your questions, a dedicated event coordinator, and two customer service reps available to help with any technical issues that might come up.

The Boot Camp will be highly interactive and you’re going to get a front row seat to our instructors! Take a look at the video and expand it to full screen so you can get an idea of what it’s like to be in the class!

Boot Camp Details

Date: Sept 28 – 30

Membership Discounts apply to the member and their staff/w2 employees only. Registration under the wrong membership type will result in the registration being refunded and you will lose your spot and need to reregister.

If you are unsure of your membership level please call (716) 630-1650 or login to the member dashboard.

Class Times:
10am-7pm Eastern
9am-6pm Central
8am-5pm Mountain
7am-4pm Pacific

The final day will end at 4pm Eastern on the final day.

Connection Test: Sept 23rd at 2:00pm Eastern

Follow Up Q&A: Oct 8th – Times will vary

Webinar Platform: Zoom

Multiple Registrations: If registering 4 or more members of the same firm please contact ASTPS for additional discounts.

Cancellation Policy: Full refund 30 days prior to the event. 50% Refund 30-14 days prior. Handout material will be mailed 2 weeks prior to the event and there will be no refunds for cancellation after that point.