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A lot of practitioners ask us if we really think there is enough work to go around.

The short answer is – yes!

The IRS adds roughly 8 million new cases into collections each year (check out the IRS Data Books).

Now, there are over 750k practitioners who have PTIN numbers and are interacting with taxpayers.

ASTPS has 1,600 members but not every firm that represents before the IRS knows about us (YET). Let’s be ultra conservative and say there are 7k practitioners that represent.

That would be .9% of tax professionals that specialize in this niche!

Also consider this: Each practitioner should really only have 30-50 cases in their active inventory.

So quick recap:

8 million new cases each year
.9% of tax pros specialize in helping them
You should have a max of 30-50 cases that you’re actively working.
Tax Resolution can be a fantastic specialty to add to your practice, and yes, there is plenty of work to go around.

In fact, we believe we’re going to see an increase in cases with the IRS’s new 87 Billion in funding!

We have an incredible program that we have developed over 20 years that will provide you with a clear path to enter this specialty.

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